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Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron - Legions Imperialis
  • Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron - Legions Imperialis

Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron - Legions Imperialis

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  • Four epic scale Legiones Astartes heavy tanks for games of Legions Imperialis
  • Mow down light targets or bust armour with battlecannons or melta blastguns
  • Hard to kill and exceptionally versatile, toting a variety of ancillary weapons
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This multipart plastic kit builds four epic scale Legiones Astartes Kratos tanks. These heavily armoured vehicles are simply bristling with weapons. Each can be built with a choice of turret weapons – the versatile Kratos battlecannon, or the close-range melta blastgun – alongside a co-axial autocannon. They also sport a pair of hull-mounted guns – either autocannons, heavy bolters, or lascannons – and a pair of sponson-mounted heavy bolters or lascannons. You’ll find cosmetic build options to help customise your squadron further, including dozer blades and a gunner, spotter, or closed hatch atop the hull. The turret even offers glueless assembly, allowing you to adjust each tank's aim mid-battle.

The set includes:

  • 4 x Kratos Heavy Tanks, each with the following weapon options:
  • 1 x turret-mounted Kratos battlecannon
  • 1 x turret-mounted melta blastgun
  • 2 x hull-mounted autocannons
  • 2 x hull-mounted heavy bolters
  • 2 x hull-mounted lascannons
  • 2 x sponson-mounted heavy bolters
  • 2 x sponson-mounted lascannons
  • 1 x Legiones Astartes Legion Vehicle Transfer Sheet