Magic: the Gathering

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Magic: the Gathering


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  • The Lord of the Rings:...

    The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth™ brings to life the iconic world of J.R.R. Tolkien and lets you follow the paths of beloved characters in the way only Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond can. Play your favorite moments of the Third Age or turn Middle-earth on its head and surrender to the temptation of the One Ring. It's all in your hands, so prepare to step onto the road—there's no knowing where you'll be swept off to or who you'll meet!

  • March of the Machine:...

    With the final showdown against the Phyrexians reaching its conclusion, the Multiverse will be forever changed. March of the Machine: The Aftermath not only adds new cards to Standard (and beyond) but also expands on the events of March of the Machine.

    March of the Machine: The Aftermath is a Standard-legal micro set, and Epilogue Boosters feature five cards each.

  • March of the Machine...

    The battle for the Multiverse against the Phyrexians that began with Dominaria United (and continued through The Brothers' War and Phyrexia: All Will Be One) is worse than anyone imagined. Now it reaches its conclusion with March of the Machine.

  • Dominaria United (DMU)

    Where it all began. 30 years ago, a high fantasy plane set the stage for the battles of planeswalkers and titans of wizardry. It was filled with elves and goblins and dragons and angels spread across beautiful landscapes where the crack of spellcasting could be heard. Evocative and inviting, the rich depth of stories to be told was just beginning to be realized. Dominaria, after all, is the legendary setting for the first Magic release nearly 30 years ago.

  • Streets of New Capenna...
    On the Streets of New Capenna, morals are optional for the glamorous and elite. Here the halo flow freely in speakeasies, and murder for hire is just another Tuesday.
  • Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty...

    With tension between the factions, and a mysterious disappearance, join our hero as they fight to bring balance with the help of some favorite planeswalkers. Step into the future with a journey through Kamigawa's techno sci-fi plane!

  • Innistrad: Crimson Vow...

    You’re invited to a vampire wedding for the ages with Innistrad: Crimson Vow, the second new set release featuring the iconic Gothic horror plane.

  • Innistrad: Midnight...

    The Hunt Begins

    The dark approaches with Innistrad: Midnight Night, the first of two full card set releases returning to the iconic gothic horror plane.

    It's time for the Harvesttide Festival, where the besieged humans of Innistrad hope to ward off the coming dark. Far beyond the village walls, werewolves and other horrors roam free.

    As the days get ever shorter, will you fight the creatures that lurk in the shadows... or become one?

  • D&D Adventures in the...

    This set brings the storytelling and roleplaying elements of D&D to Magic through fan-favorite D&D spells and monsters and incredible booster fun treatments highlighting classic D&D flavor, including the rulebook treatment reminiscent of early Monster Manuals.

  • Strixhaven (STX)

    Which College Will You Choose?

    Welcome to Strixhaven, the Multiverse's most prestigious university for the study of magic! 

    Founded centuries ago by five spellcasting dragons—Strixhaven is divided into five colleges that reflect their founder's magical specialty and distinctive personality.

  • Kaldheim (KHM)


    Unleash the power of Kaldheim as a war for the sagas rages between demons, giants, and shapeshifters. Prove your worth and save the World Tree from chaos. The time has come. Raise your axe.

  • Ikoria: Lair of...
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